Emily RenFinance Control Assistant Manager


I joined Rémy Cointreau’s Financial Planning & Analysis team in 2007, and, over 10 years, witnessed every evolution of the company’s early stages of development.

In 10 years, I have done many jobs in the financial department, from the initial advertising and promotion controlling, previous financial planning and analysis, and current commercial finance, I gained many valuable experiences in the field of financial analysis. An equal and healthy working environment encourages employees to continuously discuss, brainstorm, and offer proposals for improvement, so the work flow is becoming more orderly and efficient.

In the meantime, we also deeply feel the company’s care for the education of its employee. Not only are there various online and offline training courses, but there are also the benefits, such as annual physical examinations, sports fitness, medical reimbursement, etc. The company’s good environment and corporate culture attract many talented people to work here, and the employees who work hard make the company develop more steadily and efficiently.