Darrio PrescodBrand Ambassador



Barbados-born and -bred Darrio Prescod, Brand Ambassador for Mount Gay Rum, is taking on the Big Apple.


What did you do before joining Mount Gay?

I had an associate degree in mass communication before returning to school for a bachelor’s degree in management with a concentration in marketing. Television was my initial path, but reading the news was a bit too serious for me, so I was happy to have found the Brand Ambassador role with Mount Gay Rum.


You recently left your role as Brand Ambassador on Barbados to join our NYC team. What was the biggest misconception people had about your former role?

People thought my job was simply hanging out and drinking rum, which is not true. You certainly need to make your guests’ visit fun, but there are a lot of technicalities involved. You have to understand the entirety of the rum-making process, which enables you to understand the science behind the spirit. My role involved explaining complex distillation and aging processes in simple terms, answering questions such as: “How long is this aged?” “What factors in the air influence the taste?”—as well as explaining the history of the distillery.


How long have you been with Mount Gay?

Seven years. I started in 2011, and within a few months, I was doing tour, after tour. As the years progressed, I gained responsibilities and decided to go back to school.


How challenging was that?

Tough to juggle while holding down a full-time job, but it was definitely worth it. You hear people talk about how challenging it is to balance work and school, but until you’re doing it yourself, I think it is difficult to fully understand.


What is your new role in New York?

I moved to New York to become a National Brand Ambassador for Rémy Cointreau USA. Coming from the Barbados office and moving to NYC was a big deal for me. When the opportunity was proposed to me, I jokingly asked my boss if he was breathing. But Rémy Cointreau believed in me. If there was any place I could choose to live, it would have been New York. My grandfather did the same thing, moving here when he was young, so for me, it was the natural next step to progress in my career.


Thoughts before heading to Manhattan?

That this would be a huge change with no family to fall back on. I’m only 26, and I am doing everything on my own for the first time. I’d be paying bills, have my own apartment … I honestly believe that the sky is the limit.


First impressions of the Big Apple?

Grand, bold and fast! So far, everyone has been super helpful assisting with settling in—and I’ve been having lots of fun getting lost on the subway! I’m so intrigued by what the concrete jungle has in store for me.


Advice to those thinking of joining Rémy Cointreau?

If there was ever an opportunity to join the Group, I think people should take it, grab it with both hands and make the most of it.