Christopher BourneDigital Marketing & Communications Specialist


As we talk to Christopher Bourne, he is sitting in his office, but this isn’t your typical cubicle. He may be inside, but from where he is sitting, you’ll see a blue sky and warm glow, cast from the sun shining over the tops of palm trees swaying in the balmy island breeze.

Where is he? Barbados, home of Mount Gay, the world’s oldest rum.


What does your role entail?

It’s a mix: 70 percent of my time is spent at my desk (managing Mount Gay Rum’s social media channels, creating content, building digital strategy, online community management, etc.), and the other 30 percent is spent at St. Lucy, at the distillery or working with influencers on the island. You may find me at a rum shop, party or event, sharing the best parts of the island with them, so that they, too, can share their experience with eventual Mount Gay visitors on their own social media channels. Distillery visitors are often bartenders and mixologists—sometimes people I’ve met through social media. The other day, I met with a New Yorker who I met online, and gave him a tour, taking him to some of the locals’-favorite bars on island, which is something I love to do. Mount Gay is rooted in authenticity. It’s a luxury brand, but it’s also warm, welcoming and relatable. It embodies the tagline—“Time well spent”—so I want to give people as good as an experience as possible while they’re here.


What is your day-to-day on Barbados?

There is no typical day. There are things about Barbados and my life a lot of people may not realize, unless they live here. Work days are never the same, which keeps things interesting. Weekends entail the usual errands. I like to go the beach at least two times a month to sit by the water and just enjoy it. (We don’t go as often as people think we do!) I have a bar I go to every Thursday called Mojo. My friends and I meet there to have a good time and chill, just as you would on- or off-island.


How did you start working with Mount Gay?

Before I was with Mount Gay, I was doing copywriting and production for radio commercials. My co-worker saw the ad for the position and said I should apply. I had prior experience working on digital content creation at an agency, but I didn’t expect to get the job … But I felt something during my interview. Funny thing is that, when I applied, I actually didn’t like rum … But I sure grew to love what we do here at Mount Gay.


What you love most about your job?

I really believe in the brand. First, it’s an authentic brand. As we speak, there are vintage bottles around me, dating back decades and decades. There’s a rich story behind Mount Gay, so I love to talk about it. Second, I really enjoy the people I work with. I work with the Barbados commercial team and with the global marketing teams in New York, Miami and around the globe. I feel like I have a work family now. There’s always a good feeling here, always a smile. Third, I’ve met so many people through this job, so I feel really connected to the world. Many opportunities have come from this role.


Who do you work with?

There are three people in global marketing team. It’s a small unit here on island, but we all work together from different departments like one, big extended family. I sometimes travel to our New York office to help the team with digital content. We’re always innovating to stay up to date.


Advice for those interested in joining Rémy Cointreau?

Be open-minded. I think that if you are working at a company like Rémy Cointreau, you should be interested in more than what your specialty is. Here, they are open, and you could get your hands dirty doing more things than you think you could do. Also, do as much reading and research on topics related to your industry, not necessarily your job. You never know how information will relate. And through working here, you’ll be surrounded by well-rounded, open-minded individuals.