Charlene Purchase-DanielSupply Chain Manager, Rémy Cointreau UK Distribution



With a background in video games and entertainment, London-based Charlene Purchase-Daniel changed trades at the start of 2018 to supervise our supply chain in Great Britain and the British Isles.


How did you find Rémy Cointreau?

I saw the job advertised on LinkedIn. I felt I needed an industry change: something interesting, something different. My background was in video games and entertainment DVDs, working in major US and Korean-Japanese companies’ London offices. I knew about Rémy Cointreau—which carried high prestige and a positive reputation as an employer—and was familiar with some of the liqueurs and spirits.


Your recruitment via LinkedIn?

Very professional, friendly and engaging. Sandra Lamoureux of Global Talent Development contacted me, and we had a great chat. The process moved quickly and efficiently: two interviews and one phone call in total. I felt fully informed during the interview process, and I was honest about the fact that I wanted to try something new.


What were your impressions of Rémy Cointreau while going through the recruitment process?

I found that people were incredibly proud of the Group and extremely passionate about what they did. Many had been with the company for many years, which intrigued me, because I was looking for a company where people were willing to stay for a long time. I met three people who had worked at Rémy Cointreau for more than 10 years, which is rare nowadays. I also felt a lot of passion for the corporate values: Terroir, people and time.


Your role now? 

I’m Supply Chain Manager, overseeing distribution for Rémy Cointreau in the UK. It’s been an eye-opening experience, discovering and learning about the liqueurs and spirits industry. I support a large network of internal parties, such as our sales, marketing and finance teams, as well as external parties, such as customers and suppliers. I work very closely with the distribution warehouse, as I’m the link between customers and suppliers. My role entails building relationships, solving problems and simplifying processes. I help our liqueurs and spirits move in the market, so I need to assure that everyone is in the loop and sharing information. To be successful, you have to communicate.


Most fun part about your job?

Seeing people enjoying our spirits, feeling like the Rémy Cointreau UK Supply Chain played a small part in making that happen.


Most challenging? 

Spirits is a dynamic, constantly evolving market. Every day brings new challenges, which I love. I need to understand how our customers forecast to stay on target. Some customers frequently change their minds about what they need: whether they have too much or too little stock, which keeps you on your toes. Every link in the chain counts. You have to be reactive, but more importantly proactive, in order to anticipate what is coming down the line.


Best thing about working at Rémy Cointreau in London?

Everyone here is absolutely brilliant. It’s a pleasure to come into the office, and I don’t mind occasionally doing extra work. If you love what you do, and you work with people who love what they do, it makes it all worthwhile. When I talk with my team members, it’s clear that they are proud to work for Rémy Cointreau, and it makes me proud: It enthralls me. I can’t help but get swept up in the emotion, knowing this is a great brand to be working for. Collaborating with talented, dedicated team members, while having lots of laughs, makes me energised and motivated.

We are invested in our work, and we enjoy going out together after hours. We work hard; we play hard, and we support one another. We also like to support places that supply our spirits, and because we’re in central London, we have many nice cocktail bars and bistro pubs close by our office. Fridays at the pub are standard. It’s like a big family.


Please drink responsibly.