Catherine CaldwellCorporate Community Manager


I had never worked in talent nor in spirits when I saw an internship opportunity with Rémy Cointreau’s Global Talent Development team in Paris on LinkedIn—neither was I familiar with all of the exceptional spirits in Rémy Cointreau’s portfolio—but the way the job description was written spoke to me.

It was worded differently than your atypical job posting. It was refreshingly human—so much so that it felt like I was reading something written by a close friend. I couldn’t not hit “Apply”: It offered everything I was looking for.

I was searching for an internship where I would make an impact, work with authentic brands with rich histories, but above all, connect with people—something I longed for and much enjoyed during my journalism days.

And this connection with people was felt from the time I walked into Rémy Cointreau’s Paris headquarters. I met with Sandra Lamoureux from Global Talent Development, who shared Rémy Cointreau’s values and what is particularly unique about working for this French, family-owned company with me. I felt immediately at home.

When I left my interview, I knew I wanted to work for Rémy Cointreau. And in my mind, I had already joined the team.

My experience interning with the Global Talent Development team with Thibaut de Noray and Sandra solidified what made Rémy Cointreau special for me.

I saw what care the company took in accompanying team members in their professional journey—working with them to evolve, change roles, and even move abroad—as well as how they treated candidates. They take the time to respond to each and every application and treat people as they should be treated: like people—something that I sadly feel is becoming a rarity in modern recruitment.

The longer I was in Rémy Cointreau, the amazing stories that our Group had to share became apparent, as there are many employees who can testify to the familial, entrepreneurial spirit of our company.

I knew that I wanted to continue to work with Rémy Cointreau after my internship, but there was no role available in Paris. But Rémy Cointreau gave me the opportunity to step into a role that utilized my skills that the company didn’t already have: a full-time Community Manager to share news on the corporate social media channels.

At this time, the Rémy Cointreau LinkedIn page only contained job postings, but we had no live news updates. I saw an opportunity to build upon the news-sharing that passionate employees were doing on their personal social media platforms, as well as use my native English to help translate editorial content.

Rémy Cointreau believed in my ability to grow our online community and went to the length to sponsor my visa, transferring my student status to that of a full-time employee—which is something that not every company would do.

My job creation in the Strategic Planning / Corporate Communications team showcases why Rémy Cointreau employees choose to stay and grow in the company. Rémy Cointreau values people and their talent and is willing to take risks—whether it be role changes, moves abroad, or even job innovations, such as in my case—to help its team members grow.

It has been a pleasure building Rémy Cointreau’s online community over the past two years.

I’ve had the privilege to hear and share stories from Rémy Cointreau employees from all corners of the globe, as well as visit the terroir of several of our exceptional spirits.

I would strongly encourage anyone considering the Rémy Cointreau Group to stop hesitating and hit “Apply.”