Caroline Sarrot-LecarpentierCommunications Director for LOUIS XIII



Time is essential for Caroline Sarrot, Communications Director for LOUIS XIII. Upon completing her master’s in digital communication (and simultaneously having a baby!), she presented her memoir, which highlighted an imperative value for our Group: Time, underlined by this paradox: Ephemeral et timeless.

Why did you choose to focus on time?
We talk about time within LOUIS XIII and Rémy Cointreau through our signature values: Terroir, people and time. It entails our Cellar Masters, who project themselves into the future. They create for tomorrow, build on our heritage. Brands of exception juggle with time, too: a long history, long-term thinking, and also the actualization of what makes them desirable. And LOUIS XIII embodies these more than any other: “Think a century ahead!”

How did you balance work and your studies?
I chose an executive master’s program, which is designed for people who work and divided into a 13-month schedule of two or three days of classes per month.

How did you find going back to school?
Most of my professional experience comes from using more traditional media platforms. I knew I needed to undergo a radical transformation to comprehend the digital sphere. Moreover, it was fascinating, even stimulating, to go back to school at 41. I am more confident than when I was a student. I know what I like and don’t like. What interests me, what doesn’t. I came with a clearer vision, and that was extraordinary.

Advice to others wanting to pursue their studies while working full-time?
It’s a very long process that requires hours of work. For fifteen days, before finishing my memoir, I stayed at the office until 11 p.m. You have resources within yourself that you wouldn’t even believe you have, so set your intentions. You must convince yourself that you can to it. With a little effort and a lot of concentration, you are indeed capable.

The most challenging aspect?
I simultaneously discovered that I was going to have a baby. It was extremely difficult to work on a memoir with a child and to deal with pregnancy woes. Thankfully, I started early and was able to remain focused, but it was extremely difficult. The end was total “rock and roll.” But I was proud, as I realized I could do more than I thought I was capable of.

How did Rémy Cointreau support your studies?
Human Resources was wonderful in helping me write letters to organizations that could help support the training. I also felt that, as a Director of Communication, it was necessary to complete this type of higher education, as the role is in constant evolution. Moreover, our HR Director Marc-Henri thought it would be a great idea to present my memoir to our team members, as he thought it would be enriching for employees, as part of my memoir entailed the digital transformation of LOUIS XIII cognac.

Your thoughts on time in the digital sphere?
The transforming digital world causes us to ask many questions. With access to content 24/7, we’re always under the impression of being “late,” like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. We’re running a rat race between the real world and the digital one. When you have completed your campaign and reviewed your stats, only you know if you used the best words to relay a message, and that’s the true question. It’s not about just pushing content, but the right content to the right person.

What’s next for you?
I want to continue to inspire my colleagues to embark on this digital transformation together. More than technique, digital transformation is a state of mind. Moreover, I’ll continue to be curious and explore. There are lots of things to learn.