Bruno MortierIndustrial Director



Your professional background?

I was trained as an arts et métiers mechanical engineer at ICAM engineering school in Lille, France. Then, I started my career in the food industry with brands like Hollywood Chewing Gum, Milka, Côte d’Or and Rocher Suchard. I really appreciated working with products with strong reputations and such high visibility. I continue this challenge today at Rémy Cointreau by working with products that make you dream.


How did you join the Group?

Twenty years ago, I was working with Kraft, an American food group; Rémy Cointreau proposed me an industrial director job with a mission to rally, or unify, the production sites, notably in Angers and Cognac, France.


Twenty years later, what makes you want to keep working at Rémy Cointreau?  

First, it’s about being in family group that allows you a certain proximity with the final decision makers. The Group thinks about the long-term, enabling you to undertake interesting projects. In addition, at Rémy Cointreau, everyone can be a source of new ideas and propose them. We benefit from great freedom in decision-making to meet objectives.


What are the main objectives of your role today?

I’ve been the industrial director based in Angers, France for 20 years how. I have many objectives but two main priorities. The first is to assure that our team members work in the best conditions without risk for accident. The second is making liqueurs and spirits at a level of quality that is aligned with our image and that guarantees zero risk for our clients. My role entails proving your agility, as operational and economic efficiency are essential. I do this with the vision to constantly improve within a calm, confident and enthusiastic social atmosphere … The work environment at the Angers site has numerous advantages for this.


Do you have a lot of interaction with the production sites in our Group?

Across the sites overseen by Patrick Marchand, our Group Operations Director, there are lots of exchanges, especially with Cognac, France. We also regularly exchange with our Scottish, Greek, and Barbados friends about production, quality and security needs for our PHD brands, METAXA et Mount Gay rum.


What’s the Angers site—where you’ve worked for 20 years—like?

It’s THE production site for Cointreau with a magnificent room of stills with an incredible fragrant bouquet of oranges—but it’s not only a production site. The supply chain and IT teams are also based in Angers: multiple management teams on a single site who work well together.


Your favorite cocktail?

The Mai Tai, because I love the two base ingredients: Cointreau, the liqueur close to my heart, and rum, which I particularly love. I collect old rums; it’s a passion I developed in the Martinique, where I lived for two years, but that was another life…