Ashley HaouziIS/IT Manager V.I.E, London


The VIE (international corporate volunteering) enables young people aged 18 to 28 to work abroad in a French company.The contract lasts between 6 and 24 months and can be renewed one time for a maximum of 2 years.

Why do a V.I.E?
It’s an opportunity to work abroad, while you’re young and just starting your career. As an IS Project Manager in my previous company, I had the opportunity to work closely with the IT department and to develop projects with them, so I wanted to keep learning more about the field. Before that, I did preparatory classes at HEC ECE, a Management License (Licence Gestion) from SKEMA Business School, and a Masters in Science in Management from Middlesex University London. Before, I worked as an IS Project Manager in Pomona Group.

What’s great about working abroad?
Working in an international environment is a unique experience. You learn from other cultures in another language. It’s very challenging and relevant experience for my career. Living a different life from the one I always knew and having new habits is a great opportunity.

Why Rémy Cointreau?
Rémy Cointreau is rooted in historical values with quality spirits. I used to work in food retail and distribution, where I learned a lot. I also always wanted to work in luxury.

What would you tell people thinking of applying for a V.I.E with Rémy Cointreau?
To take this chance to have an experience of working abroad as a young professional.

Best thing about your team members?
They are always available to help, and they consider everyone as a real part of the business. Besides my team, an IT Manager is in contact with everyone in the office.

Best thing about living and working abroad?
Living a different life from the one I always knew and having new habits.

What you wish you would have known before doing a V.I.E?
That the time would pass too quickly.

Personal mantra?
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Every day is a challenge, and I know that I will learn something new.