Ashley HaouziIS/IT Manager V.I.E, London



Why do a V.I.E?

It’s an opportunity to work abroad, while you’re young and just starting your career.


What’s great about working abroad?

Working in an international environment is a unique experience. You learn from other cultures in another language. It’s very challenging and relevant experience for my career.


Why Rémy Cointreau?

Rémy Cointreau is rooted in historical values with quality spirits.


What would you tell people thinking of applying for a V.I.E with Rémy Cointreau?

To take this chance to have an experience of working abroad as a young professional


Why IT?

As an IS Project Manager in my previous company, I had the opportunity to work closely with the IT department and to develop projects with them, so I wanted to keep learning more about the field.


Why spirits?

I used to work in food retail and distribution, where I learned a lot. I also always wanted to work in luxury.


Best thing about your team members?

They are always available to help, and they consider everyone as a real part of the business.


What is unique about your role?

An IT Manager is in contact with everyone in the office.


Best thing about living and working abroad?

Living a different life from the one I always knew and having new habits.


Favorite after-work hangout?

The shopping on Oxford Street.


What you wish you would have known before doing a V.I.E?

That the time would pass too quickly.


Personal mantra?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


What keeps you motivated in the morning?

Every day is a challenge, and I know that I will learn something new.


Your education and prior professional experience?

Preparatory classes at HEC ECE, a Management License (Licence Gestion) from SKEMA Business School, and a Masters in Science in Management from Middlesex University London. Before, I worked as an IS Project Manager in Pomona Group.