Alexis DelrieuxLOUIS XIII Brand Ambassador, GULF, UAE, Dubai



Alexis Delrieux is one of the trailblazers in our Group, breaking down barriers as our first brand activator through a V.I.E program in Ghana­—and our first LOUIS XIII Brand Ambassador in Dubai. And as of June 1st, he will take on a new role: Trade Marketing Manager for the Nordic Zone, based in London.

Europe, Ghana, Emirates: discovering the spirits sector within an international path

How did your Rémy Cointreau journey begin? 
I started in October 2015, thanks to the V.I.E program in Ghana, Africa, where I was a Brand Activator for Rémy Cointreau. In fact, I was the first Rémy Cointreau V.I.E to be placed in West Africa. Then, I was based in Dubai, along with four other team members, starting in December 2016. Our Group is getting bigger and bigger, and I feel lucky to be representing LOUIS XIII, one of the biggest brands on Earth.

What made you want to leave France and go abroad?
When I was in France, I specialized in retail marketing. I was fascinated at that time by what we call “consumer behavior” and “brand strategy.” Why would clients pick a brand and not another one? There’s a classic path. I started as a Retail Manager, so I started working in the field, and then, I became fascinated by building the brand. I started working with a large retail company as a Junior Category Manager in international beauty and care products—but after a while, I wanted a change and was seeking new challenges abroad. I saw that Rémy Cointreau had a V.I.E program in Western Africa, and they were looking for someone like me with a strong retail background, so the rest is history.

How did the transition go?
I completely changed roles. Before working with Rémy Cointreau, I never worked in spirits. I was enticed by the values of Rémy Cointreau and the amazing portfolio that we have. So, I started to educate myself as much as possible, and after a year in Ghana, I accomplished my goals. I wanted to stay in the zone for a new challenge, so I was sent to Dubai to work with LOUIS XIII. LOUIS XIII was a totally new role for me: a role in which I would need to talk to clients, and Rémy Cointreau allowed me to do so.

I was seeking to adapt myself to a new culture and a new market: That is the beauty in Dubai. I would not be able to tell you who is my typical client. I have Chinese clients, Indian clients, local clients, so I need to pay attention to what they like and what they don’t like, because every single one of them is different. I have met so many interesting potential clients that come from all over the globe; each have a fascinating story.

Brand Ambassador in Dubai: what is it like?

How do you enjoy Dubai?
Dubai is an amazing city, full of opportunities and an exciting career path, as it is certainly a business hub and a mixologist market. There are more and more mixologists living here, so it is a very fascinating place for the spirits business. When it comes to spirits, working in Dubai can be challenging, as you’re not allowed to communicate as freely as you might elsewhere, due to restrictions, so you need to innovate.

What does it mean to “build the brand”?
As a LOUIS XIII Ambassador, my goals are to build a network of high-net-worth individuals, to conduct tastings adapted to people’s lifestyles, and to talk about LOUIS XIII in a way they understand. You also need creativity to reach people and to work around regulations, while assuring we have the right to display our spirit behind a bar, for example. I consider difficulties as challenges and opportunities. For me, the most important thing is to stay positive.

Advice for future Brand Ambassadors?
Push yourself, and remain curious. You need to listen, pay attention. I think empathy is one of the strongest skills in such a diverse market.

What’s it like to work with Rémy Cointreau?
When I started my training, something that really fascinated me about Rémy Cointreau Group was that it was an international company, but it’s also a family Group with one of the most amazing stories I’ve heard, so I am so proud to be one of the caretakers of this history. Rémy Cointreau enabled me to have a lot of responsibility, which is something I feel lucky about.