Our Commitments

The Group’s six key strategic areas are structured in line with the ISO 26000 standard (international standard which provides companies with CSR guidelines).

Our Commitments

CSR Governance

The economic strategy and CSR policy combine in all areas of Rémy Cointreau’s business to ensure ethical governance in its relationships with all stakeholders.

In 2015/16, a CSR Committee was created within the Group Board of Directors.

In 2016/17, the decision to provide operational support to 10 of the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as determined by the United Nations. It is the first universal framework (public and private) that standardizes CSR initiatives.

Human Rights

Rémy Cointreau holds extremely high standards for its suppliers and employees worldwide in line with its commitment to support and encourage ongoing progress and the quest for perfection.

In 2015/16, Group employees took part in the first global satisfaction survey (85 % participation).

In 2016/17, the establishment of CSR criteria that will henceforth determine some of the qualitative targets for the variable remuneration of our management teams.

Winemaking and the environment

Strengthened by its roots and long history, Rémy Cointreau has made its environmental commitment a driver of sustainable economic success, through the conservation of natural resources and the implementation of an ambitious certification policy.

In 2015/16, Domaines Rémy Martin renewed its AHVE (‘High Environmental Value Farming’) certification for a period of three years and maintained its PEFC certification for the sustainable management of forests on their territory.

In 2016/17, an extensive project aimed at strengthening the Group’s commitments in terms of integrated farming “upstream” was launched both internally (Rémy Martin Estates) and externally (in particular with our Alliance Fine Champagne partners).

In 2016/17, the launch of a process to roll out eco-design principles within our development, production and marketing departments.

Honest practices

Rémy Cointreau’s relationships with its suppliers and consumers are based on trust.  The stringency of the Group’s ethical rules, which are applicable to both employees and partners, also guarantees long-term commercial success.

In 2015/16, the Group joined the international SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) organization which works to promote responsible and ethical business practices in supply chains by minimizing risk.

Responsible consumption

Rémy Cointreau strives to offer its demanding customers products that greatly exceed their expectations. We continue to promote responsible drinking as we work towards this aim.

In 2016, the Group made a responsible consumption video with Rémy Cointreau employees and well-known personalities who support the group brands. With sections in various languages, the video reflects the international dimension of Rémy Cointreau and its drive to ensure responsible consumption worldwide.


As an international Group, Rémy Cointreau is acutely aware of corporate issues and their local impact.  By supporting the sustainable economic development of territories and endorsing community activities, it contributes to collective progress.

In 2016, Rémy Cointreau supported Martin Scorsese and “The Film Foundation,” which works to restore old movies.