Supporting High Environmental Value (HVE) wine-making certification: training co-operative winemakers


Implementing and promoting economically competitive and environmentally friendly growing methods, combined with traditional expertise (application of the most advanced Integrated Agriculture and “High Environmental Value Farming” standards)

Rémy Martin has promoted the environmental commitment to farming for several years now. With this in mind, it has raised awareness among winemakers in the Alliance Fine Champagne (AFC) cooperative—which supplies eaux-de-vie to Rémy Martin—of integrated agriculture and the AHVE (“High Environmental Value Farming”) standards. In early 2014, 600 AFC members were provided with specific information on AHVE certification through a number of information sessions and documents. An AFC / Rémy Martin joint working group has been set up to prepare and encourage winemakers to obtain this certification. The aim is to encourage environmentally friendly practices, such as biodiversity conservation and a reduction in the use of plant-protection products.