Supporting “High Environmental Value” (HVE) wine-making certification: research and studies into winemaking practices


Implementing and promoting economically competitive and environmentally friendly growing methods, combined with traditional expertise (application of the most advanced Integrated Agriculture and “High Environmental Value Farming” standards)

A bio-control platform was set up with the Charente Chamber of Agriculture for the second year running, in an effort to reduce the use of pesticides. This involves testing a recent technique on vineyard plots, in which trichogramma (small insects) are released to destroy vine moths. A research contract has thus been entered into. Following promising results, the initiative will be extended in 2016/2017 on two plots, in order to perfect the trichogramma release strategy and optimize its efficiency. This is the only French platform for viticulture research in this area. As such, Domaines Rémy Martin are continuing their efforts to help bring about environmental excellence in French wine making.