Responsible and sustainable purchasing: implementation of supplier CSR indicators


Involving suppliers in Rémy Cointreau’s social and environmental commitments, monitoring their dedication to these causes and accompanying them in their development.

Since it became a member of the Global Compact charter in 2003, Rémy Cointreau has helped its suppliers meet its demanding aims in the field of social and environmental responsibility. The group therefore demands that its suppliers respect the global social and environmental commitments of the Global Compact (commitments that form part of the contractual relationship between Rémy Cointreau and its suppliers). After extending the scope of its CSR assessment in 2012 to include service providers, Rémy Cointreau has measured two indicators that are representative of this approach every year.

In 2013, the selected suppliers represented 90% of the entire supplier group, and 81% of them were subjected to an CSR assessment. In 2014, the selected suppliers represented 89% in terms of total Rémy Cointreau supplier turnover, and 82% of them were subjected to an CSR assessment.