ONF partnership: reforestation and raising public awareness


Protecting biodiversity and combating climate change: reforestation and raising public awareness

Alongside the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) ‘Plant for the Planet’ campaign, the ONF (the French National Forestry Office) coordinates oak reforestation initiatives in France. With this in mind, Rémy Martin opted to back a reforestation project from 2010–2012 by funding a program to plant oak trees across a 40-hectare stretch of the Senonches national forest in France’s Eure-et-Loir region.

The goal was to replace existing tree species in these plots (the Sitka spruce and the Douglas fir) with sessile oak which is better suited to forest stations and more conducive to biodiversity given its greater tolerance to the region’s climate, topography and soil. As a result of Rémy Martin’s initiative, 115,000 oak seedlings were planted by the ONF.