Gender Equality Index For UES Rémy Cointreau


The Gender Equality Index is a report established each year by companies with 50 or more employees to target wage gaps that may exist between male and female employees. It is a measure taken by the government to strengthen equal pay for men and women in the world of work, in accordance with the principle of “equal pay, for equal work”.

This index, calculated out of 100 points, is intended to be recalculated each year. Correction measures must be implemented when the result is less than 75 points.

The index is composed of five indicators which reflect the situation of the pay gap between women and men, either directly or indirectly:

  • The wage gap between women and men
  • The discrepancies of individual wage increases between women and men
  • The difference in the proportion of men and women receiving raises and promotions
  • The number of employees who have benefited from a raise during the year they returned from maternity and/or adoption leave
  • The number of employees, from the under-represented sex, who are among the 10 employees who received the highest salaries

Index Rémy Cointreau : 84