Ethical marketing and responsible communication: Responsible Communication Committee (RCC)


To contribute to the international development of our brands through the promotion of responsible consumption and the implementation of a commercial and marketing ethic that is irreproachable, both through its principles and transparency, and is communicated by our distribution partners.

Respect for the Responsible Communication Charter is checked by the internal Responsible Communication Committee (RCC). This committee also plays a supervisory and informative role.

In 2013, the RCC introduced a new monitoring tool enabling it to identify new communications campaigns in each country and for each brand in order to guarantee the application of a systematic approval process.

This new tool provided the proof that all new creative communications work and communications initiatives were approved by the RCC in 2013. This tool was used again in 2014, and clearly showed that 100% of new creative communications work and communications initiatives had been notified to the RCC, and received approval.