Ethical marketing and responsible communication: responsible communication and consumption charter


To contribute to the international development of our brands through the promotion of responsible consumption and the implementation of a commercial and marketing ethic that is irreproachable, both through its principles and transparency, and is communicated by our distribution partners.

Since 2004, Rémy Cointreau has adhered to a Responsible Communication charter, through which the company undertakes:

  • to promote the responsible consumption of its products,
  • not to target persons below the legal age for alcohol consumption or populations at risk in its sales campaigns,
  • to clearly indicate the nature and level of alcohol in its products,
  • not to link the consumption of its products to risk activities,
  • to communicate in a respectful way that does not offend human dignity.

The internal Responsible Communication Committee (RCC) guarantees respect for the Responsible Communication Charter and plays a supervisory and informative role.

The promotion of responsible communication and consumption are an intrinsic part of the policy of corporate and social responsibility adopted by Rémy Martin which, in late 2011, confirmed its ethical commitments by signing the UDA’s (French advertisers’ association) Responsible Communication Charter.

Rémy Cointreau also works together with national and global bodies to promote labeling that encourages responsible consumption.