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As a family-owned group, Rémy Cointreau recruits employees who want to make a long-term commitment in order to ensure the sustainable development of its brands. With operations on three continents, the group offers a wide variety of business lines and unique international transfer opportunities, allowing all employees to hone their talents, and flourish both personally and professionally.

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    Rémy Cointreau

    Terroir found its way into our signature, but what is it? Simply put, we consider each region atypical, distinguished by agriculture, lifestyle and culture. From Seattle to Samos, the soil, climate, air, bacteria, but also savoir-faire, all influence the taste of our spirits. Terroir is the antidote to the standardization of taste, and we believe there is certainly more pleasure to be found in diversity.

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    Rémy Cointreau

    Responsible consumption is a cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments. Workshops teach our team to enjoy our spirits responsibly, and share this knowledge in social settings. Learn more: Please drink responsibly.

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    Rémy Cointreau

    Our Islay terroir is as inspirational as our spirits Bruichladdich and The Botanist to Scottish Chef Craig Grozier. "Creativity, experimenting … the limits are your imagination."