Global Compact

Global Compact Charter


Rémy Cointreau publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility charter (CSR) 
Every year, we implement a forward-looking CSR policy that is always very much in tune with our strategy. Its structure consolidates our commitments and enables us to set precise targets. 

Member of the Global Compact since 2003, Rémy Cointreau bases its strategy on global standards and has chosen to supplement its international commitments by following the guidance of the ISO 26000 standard (new international standard that gives guidance on the CSR). 

As from now, the 6 pillars of the Group’s strategy are restructured in accordance with this new standard: 

CSR Governance 
The economic strategy and the CSR policy are combined in all areas of Rémy Cointreau’s business, to ensure ethical governance in the relationships with all its stakeholders. 

Working conditions and human rights 
Rémy Cointreau’s stringent requirements from its suppliers and employees world-wide meet its commitment to support and encourage ongoing progress and the search for perfection. 

Winemaking and the environment 
Strengthened by its origins and its long history, Rémy Cointreau has made environmental commitment a driver of sustainable economic success, by preserving natural resources and having an ambitious certification policy. 

Fair practices 
Rémy Cointreau maintains relationships with its suppliers and consumers which are based on trust. The stringency of the Group’s ethical rules, which are applicable both to employees and partners, is also the guarantee of long-term commercial success. 

Rémy Cointreau strives to offer its demanding customers products that provide satisfaction far in excess of their expectations. This aim is always associated with the promotion of responsible drinking. 

As an international Group Rémy Cointreau is acutely aware of corporate issues and their local impact. By supporting the sustainable economic development of territories and endorsing community activities, it contributes to collective progress. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility cannot be dissociated from Rémy Cointreau’s strategy.